"With Pema Trek's & Expedition P Ltd.we spent a wonderful time in the Everest and Annapurna regions. Professional organization, flexibility and kindness allowed us to fully concentrate ourselves in people, nature and cultural places in a beautiful country."

Felix and Diana Waechter, Switzerland

"If you are looking for a big adventure for the whole family book Pema treks today! We had the best time with guiding and service."

Malin(16), Markus(13), Gunilla and Hakan Lundmark, Sweden

"I got to know Pema Sherpa as a passionate team leader who takes care about his guests as his crew; we experienced a sportive and educational week in the mountains of Nepal."

Gerardus Berkelmans. The Netherlands

“We are impressed by Pema’s leadership. Every staff is motivated and ready to help. He has organized an excellent team.”

Misako Fairfield, Japan

“Pema’s crew are by far the best I’ve ever come across in 14 years of trekking in Nepal.”

Robin Boustead, Australia

Trekking with Pema was fantastic - this was the best time I’ve ever had in Nepal.”

Judy Smith, Australia

Pema’s crew and service are exceptional, we’d never have summitted without them.”

Nicola Tsang, Australia

“The best guide, the best food and the best time!”

Sussane Schuephach, Swisse

While our 4 years stay in Kathmandu, we did many unforgettable trekkings: Annapurna, Everest, Helambu, Langtang and even a tent trek to Mustang with our parents. “During this time we always appreciated having our friendly and reliable guide, Pema.
After a couple of years coming back to Nepal with our two babus (Florian 51/2, Livio 31/2) we once more enjoyed the beautiful countryside with ist wonderful people. Our 6 days tent trekking was a great experience for all of us. Pema organised everything very well and we were happy spending a great time with him and his friendly staff.”

Marcel, Katrin, Florian & Livio Johner from Switzerland,

We went for a trek in the Langtang National park with our family, friends on December 2011.Pema Tshiri Sherpa was our Sherpa guide. Pema is one of the best qualified Sherpa in Nepal with a wide range of experiences from climbing Everest to Multi altitude trekking across Nepal. Pema was keen to respond to the needs of the inexperienced trekking likes us and suggested an excellent trekking route.
Thanks to pema we were able to enjoy the panoramic view of the snow capped mountains of Tibet and Nepal as well as trekking through villages to experience village life.
The ten days trek with Pema was beyond any expectation a truly wonderful experience impossible to experience anything equivalent to Japan

Kosuke Ito &Rakumi Ito from Japan

I spent 24 amazing days in Nepal trekking to Everest Base Camp and over Chola Pass with Pema. Pema’s professionalism and genuine care for our well-being made the experience unforgettable. Thank you Pema! I would recommend him to anyone wanting to have such a life changing experience.”

Donna from Canada Calgary

1. Trip exceeded my expectations and was a challenge overall yet enjoyable. Pema is the leader, one wants on this trip-no replacement. Cough due to dust, dry air and cold should be communicated upfront. EBC has been too commercial-too many people. Follow Pema’s lead .Limit the number of travelers per day, require each group to have a guide with a minimum no. of porters and charge more for the trip. Protect your environment with a push to leave no garbage behind. Encourage Nepalese people to put garbage in the bin which means the government needs to make garbage and protecting the environment a priority. This is bigger than Pema’s team but needed for Nepal to protect its incredible country. Much respect to you and your team.

Colleen Radigan , Canada, Toronto

The nature of the EBC hike requires a willingness to improvise and adopt as circumstances change. Pema and his team were able to quickly react to any roadblocks to give us a smooth trip to base camp. Definitely recommended to adventurous trekkers.

Jordan Smith, America

Take an extra day or two on the way up.3 days to come down is a good plan. Pema understands the complexities of managing treks in the Himalayas. I was astounded at how he managed to adapt our itinerary and approached in the face of such unfortunate events as the closure of the Lukla airport one day and the overcrowding and weather restriction the next day. He saved the trip and managed to rebook the rest of the itinerary in the fewer available days.

Marc Brouillette, Canada

Emails from Ryan were often confusing .Use of red nest made it seem like something was wrong, even when there wasn’t .Guides were excellent. Really enjoyed the chance to chat and connect with the 4 guides and Pema. Thank you so much for a great time.

Garrett Smith, America

Excellent contingency planning. We had a great time.

Lauren Anderson Smith, America

The Pema Treks and Expedition teams’ hospitality, flexibility and ability to make the trek experience seamless made my trip to EBC feel safe and well supportive. Pema and his Sherpa guides have lots of trekking experience and are excellent at navigating the Nepali system of the tea houses and lodges. Thank you Pema and the team.

Kimberly Miller, America

Pema Treks and Expedition goes above and beyond client’s expectation, anticipating our needs before we even know what we need. Pema’s extensive mountain experience and trusty Sherpa guides made us feel safe and comfortable as we ascended towards base camp. I would highly recommend Pema Treks and look forward to my next trek with him.

Maggie Miller, America

I had an amazing time on my trek to EBC with Pema Treks and Expedition. Pema and his team are very knowledgeable and kind and ensured everyone in the group was well cared for throughout the trek. I highly recommend booking a trek with Pema Treks and Expedition.

Lisa Hilt, America

I am extremely satisfied with the trek. Everything was always ready for us and on time. I am impressed with Pema’s reassures when we could not fly to Lukla due to an accident at the airport .he quickly arranged accommodation for the group and despite large backlog of trekkers he managed to get us on the flight the following day . He also adjusted the trek accordingly to account for one fewer days available. We all made it to the base camp. Pema chose schedule that minimized chance of running into bad weather as well as got us to the base camp early in the day to beat the crowds and the whole crew was very professional .always helpful. Thanks Pema.

Wojciech Szatan, Canada

Pema did an amazing job organizing the EBC trek. The guides were very friendly and helped us feel comfortable along the way. I was impressed with the level of knowledge and attention to detail. My first experience trekking to EBC was great.

Alex Szatan, Canada

Sherpa guides were outstanding and always ready anticipated our needs .i would have liked to build more time in for some cultural things (monasteries) as well as Kalapatthar. Need contingency plans for Lukla flight delays. Pema was an excellent leader and always made sure we had everything we needed-like Heli ride to not miss more trek time. Thank you .THUCHE!

Corey Luthrinzer, America

Pema and his team are true professionals. Everything ran smoothly and everyone was very friendly. Pema’s extensive experience and relationships in the region make him the best in the business .There is no other guide I would rather trek with.

Teryl Brouillette, Canada