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Tibet Uncovered

We begin our trip with a 3 day exploration of Lhasa to learn about Tibet and acclimatise before the trek. Lhasa is the cultural, spiritual and historic capital of Tibet dominated by the massive Potala Palace, once the Dalai Lama’s seat of government. Within the old city the Jokhang temple lies at the centre of the Barkor market and is the spiritual heart of Tibet. Also worth a visit is the Norbulingka, the Dalai Lama’s summer palace, and Chakpori (Iron Hill) which was the Tibetan Medical College. All of these fantastic sights are linked by a pilgrims trail called the Lingkor, roughly a 30 minute walk (not including stoppages) which is a great way to meet the locals! Nearby are the beautiful monasteries of Sera and Drepung which we will take our time visiting? We then drive to Ganden for a short trek which is best done in the summer months when the wildflowers and nesting birds provide a marked contrast to the generally arid Tibetan Plateau. Then to Tsethang and the Yarlung Valley transports us back to the cradle of Tibetan civilisation with all its myths and traditions before flying back to Kathmandu.

Tibet Uncovered: Ganden to Samye
14 days
Highest Point
Best Season
8 days hotel, 6 days camping.
Group Size
Min-4, Max-14
Tour Strat : Lhasa
Tour Finish : Tsethang
Trek amongst wildflower meadows on the roof of the world, explore Lhasa and the Yarlung Valley - a trip to refresh the body and soul!
Day Route
 1 Arrival Kathmandu transfer to Hotel
2 Kathmandu - Lhasa
3 Lhasa
4 Lhasa
5 Lhasa
6 Lhasa- Ganden
7 Ganden - Herder's Camp
8 Herder's Camp - Zukar La - Tshodu Valley
9 Tshodu Valley - Chetur La - Herder's Camp
10 Herder's Camp - Yama
11 Yama - Samye - Tsethang
12 Tsethang (Samye)
13 Tsethang - Kathmandu
14 Kathmandu valley
15 Final departure from Hotel

NOTE: This tour can be run in reverse and sightseeing itineraries are flexible.


Package price includes:

All airline tickets and tax
All ground transportation in Tibet and Nepal
Airport pickup and drove
All necessary permit and entrance fees
All cargo of equipments
All Hotels in Kathmandu and Tibet
All staffs wages and insurance
All Trekking equipments like tents, tables, chairs, mattresses, pillows, hot water bags and kitchen crews
Hyperbaric Chamber bag
Visa fees in Tibet

Package Price Excludes:

Climbing equipment for members
Personal bar bill and travel insurance/ international air fare
Item of personal expenses such as alcoholic drinks, cold drinks, tips and laundry etc
Personal Rescue if you need
Nepal entry visa fees

#Note above day to day itinerary. May be change depending on weather and flight.

Day Route Duration Highest Point/m Grade
 1 Arrival Kathmandu transfer to Hotel  All day  1300  Easy
Meet with our representative at the airport. Drive to hotel.
2 Kathmandu - Lhasa All day 3612 Easy
Fly to Lhasa on China Southwest and transfer to hotel.
3 Lhasa All day 3612 Easy
Sightseeing of Lhasa as time permits:
Sera Monastery - established in 1419 Sera Monastery is not only famous for it's remarkable relics but also the monks' debating practice which is open to tourists. However, please make sure you are not watching the enforced Comprehensive Propaganda Education which is designed to enhance 'patriotic education' - check with your operator for details.Jokhang Temple and Barkhor Bazaar - The Jokhang Temple Monastery is an exceptional Buddhist religious complex, founded in the 7th century, it is the spiritual centre of Tibet. Although its buildings and decoration reflect the high quality of Tibetan art in the 7th century and again in the 15th-16th centuries it is the absolute devotion of the pilgrims in and around the temple that capture your attention. Around the Jokhang is the Barkhor market which is full of Tibetans from every corner of the country as well as an amazing assortment of goods from false teeth, to scriptures, to works of art and day-to-day merchandise.

Norbulingka - built in the 1740's during the reign of the 7th Dalai Lama it was later renovated and enlarged and became the Dalai Lama's summer palace. Essentially a park with a number of palaces it is an ideal place to see Tibetan folk singing and see where Heinrich Harrer lived.

4 Lhasa All day 3612 Easy
Sightseeing of Lhasa, as time permits:
Potala Palace - the first structure on Marpo Ri hill was built in 637 by Emperor Songtsen Gampo, although the current building started to take shape in 1645 with successive Dalai Lamas adding sections, until now at 13 stories high it dominates the landscape. Not only the former winter residence of the Dalai Lama it was also the seat of government of Tibet with over 1,000 rooms and a monastic centre of learning. The oldest section is within the White Palace where there are two small chapels, the Phakpa
Lhakhang and the Chogyal Drubphuk dating from the seventh century. There are also many other shrine rooms and the mortal remains of 13 previous Dalai Lamas, along with countless thankas, frescos, and works of art.

Drepung Monastery - once the largest and richest monastery in Tibet it was founded in 1416 by a disciple of Tsong Khapa and later enlarged by the Fifth Dalai Lama. At its peak it had a registration of more than 10,000 thousand monks many of whom could get into the main prayer hall!

5 Lhasa All day 3612 Easy
Sightseeing of Lhasa, as time permits:
Norbulingka - built in the 1740's during the reign of the 7th Dalai Lama it was later renovated and enlarged and became the Dalai Lama's summer palace. Essentially a park with a number of palaces it is an ideal place to see Tibetan folk singing and see where Heinrich Harrer lived.Chakpori (Iron Hill) - once the site of the Tibetan Medicine College it was bombed during the Chinese occupation of Tibet. Now only a few rebuilt stupas remain. It is a poignant reminder of the past.

The Tibet Museum - houses many of the artefacts 'liberated' by the Chinese during their invasion of Tibet. Despite the appalling assertions it has some excellent pieces which one day might make it back to where they belong.

6 Lhasa- Ganden All day 4180 Easy
The trail snakes up through a deep gorge, one side the massive Manaslu range, the other the Lamjung Himal (a sub-range of the Annapurna). Passing waterfalls and temperate rainforest we camp or lodge at Bagarchhap.
7 Ganden - Herder's Camp 7 hours 4470 Moderate
We set off early today following the trail that climbs the ridge behind Ganden. We cross this and descend into the Hebu valley along a well worn trail. We then begin to slowly ascend the valley which is well cultivated for Tibet, and continue to a traditional harders camp where we camp for the night.
8 Herder's Camp - Zukar La - Tshodu Valley 8 hours 5200 Hard
The trail continues up past the herder's camp past rhododendron which are beautiful during the summer months to the Zukar La (pass). This is a long slow ascent and it is with relief that the prayer flags on the pass summit come into view. We are now in a small valley which is a hub for the surrounding U region, and although no-one lives here it is common to see yaks up here. Our camp is on the valley floor on a comfy meadow!
9 Tshodu Valley - Chetur La - Herder's Camp 7 hours 5090 Moderate
The Tshodu Valley can be a beautiful, colourful place in the summer months. The meadows become alive with wildflowers and birds dash about feeding on the occasional insect. The trail continues to follow the valley south towards the Chetur La which we cross and then begin our descent. We may have to get our feet wet if there has been recent rain to cross the valley to our camp site.
10 Herder's Camp - Yama 6 hours 3960 Moderate
The peace and serenity of trekking seems more profound in Tibet than anywhere else and today's easy walk down towards Samye is a perfect example. Open meadows, copses of willow, birds busily nest building and plenty of wildflowers form an idyllic landscape against which you can contemplate the fate of Buddhism in Tibet. We camp near to the trail to a small cave retreat which if you feel energetic can be visited in the afternoon.
11 Yama - Samye - Tsethang 7 hours 3510 Easy
The final section of trail is dusty and hot and we leave camp early to avoid over heating. Samye is the next stop about 4 hours away where we can visit Tibet's first great monastery built in 775 A.D. We then cross the Tsangpo river and drive to Tsethang.
12 Tsethang (Samye) all day 3510 Easy
Tsethang is Tibet's third largest city and legend has it that the nearby Yarlung Valley is the cradle of the Tibetan civilisation. According to tradition, the first king descended from heaven and lived in the Yumbu Lagang, an eerie mediaeval castle reputed to be the oldest building in Tibet. The surrounding fertile valley is a beautiful back-drop to this fascinating region and if we have time we will try to get to Samye, Tibet's first monastery across the river.
13 Tsethang - Kathmandu all day 1300 Easy
Tsethang is only 60km from the airport from where we fly back to Kathmandu.
14 Kathmandu valley
Sightseeing, Boddhanath, Soyambunath and Pashupatinath
15 Final departure from Hotel

NOTE: This tour can be run in reverse and sightseeing itineraries are flexible.